About Ryan Farnham (aka The Phox)

I am a 37 year old professional web developer, programmer (for the past 22 years), Software Engineer,
Linux server administrator and I also own my own company Twelixty LLC which deals with Information and Communication Technologies.

I love nature, everything cycling, kyacking (despite not having gone in years), mountain climbing, computers,
virtual reality and virtual worlds, simulator games like Cities Skylines and Second Life.

I got my nickname bit over a decade ago while playing Halo PC when I sneezed and someone said I sounded like a
fox screaming in panic, a friend said my nickname was now The Phox, I liked it so it stuck.

Web Development / Programming / Server Management

I have merged what I do for programming and web development considering much of what I use overlaps the two nicely. Since these things work so well hand in hand I just list the skills all together here in the same page.

Whether you need a simple program made for Linux or Windows or an Android App or a combination to work together I can make it all happen!
I have the necesary skills to make pretty much any application for any business big or small and see the entire project through from start to finish to ensure it all works seamlessly.
Need a custom point of sale system complete with inventory management or an elegant fast running website that is more professional than some out of box template engine or web service, contact me and get your free quote today!

Communications Technology Skills

  • Asterisk
  • Axon PBX
  • YATE
  • IVM Answering Attendant
  • IMS Telephone On Hold Player
  • Quorum Telephone Conference Server
  • Dial Dictate Telephone Dictation System
  • I can get you local phone numbers across the USA or toll-free numbers.
  • I can set up basic call menu and voice mail systems or full blown PBX service for large scale businesses

Web Design Experience

  • CSS3
  • ECMA 6+ (aka JavaScript)
  • SVG
  • PHP

Mapping Technologies

  • MapBox GL JS (prefered)
  • Google Maps API 3
  • I can log paths, roads, trails, etc. using GPS

Client / Server Communications

  • NodeJS
  • WebRTC for live video, audio and data
  • UDP Datagram through NodeJS
  • Socket.io

Database Management

  • MySQL & Derivitives
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • CSV
  • JSON Files

Graphical Design & 3D

  • I can do good manipulation work on most things
  • Chroma Key (e.g. green screen)
  • Basic Logo Design
  • Can produce SVG if needed
  • Blender, fragMOTION and other tools
  • Basic rigging and animating

My Current Projects

Click a title to visit it's website (if available)!

Twelixty LLC

Design your own website using an easy to use drag n' drop system and host it with Twelixty for $5.00 per month, all features including unlimited bandwidth, storage and free use of your own domain name are included!

The Void Universe - Coming Soon!

A cloud backed peer to peer Virtual Universe.

  • Virtual space P2P based arcitecture with cloud signalling and asset storage.
  • Uses WebRTC for client to client communications.
  • Cloud based TURN service in case P2P connection can't be established.